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PORCELAIN SOLDIERS this coming Thursday @compound_art . Let’s make it a party Portland!! #suitecharlie #porcelainsoldiers #compoundgallery #pdx (song is rip tide by Beirut)

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Throwback to this oldie but goodie “Id” that’s coming with me to Portland! The show is a week from today at compound gallery on September 4th. Spread the word!! #compoundgallery #suitecharlie #porcelainsoldiers #id #throwbackthursday

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Things are getting messy with this sick-boi 😈. Just doing last minute things in preparation for the show! #porcelainsoldiers September 4th @compound_art in Portland, hope to see you there!! #suitecharlie #compoundgallery #pdx

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Drawring chilluns’ because chilluns’ have taken over the house👭 #wip #porcelainsoldiers #suitecharlie t minus 2 weeks til the show!!! 😤👍

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My new toy in action 😍 #blowtorch #resin #porcelainsoldiers #suitecharlie

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Happy 93rd birthday to my beautiful おばあちゃん👵💓. She is such an amazing lady that has been through more than I can imagine. Love my g-ma to bits ❤️❤️

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Times creeping up on me!! 2 weeks-ish to finish everything #ayaaa !!! #porcelainsoldiers #wip #suitecharlie

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Its time!

My debut solo show entitled “Porcelain Soldiers” is less than a month away O___O. It opens on Thursday September 4th at Compound Gallery in Portland Oregon. I will be there so if your in the area stop by and have a drink with me!!

Xox Suite 

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Time to put her jewelry on to get ready for the show! My first solo show “Porcelain Soldiers” is opening September 4th @compound_art in Portland!! Mark the date, I hope to see some of you there!!!😁❤️❤️❤️#wip #porcelainsoldiers #suitecharlie #compoundgallery

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An idea has just been born from fiddling with these scraps. Ohh my mind is in overdrive right now😍 #inspired #washi #suitecharlie

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Acrylic underpainting~ started this last night because I’m a bit of a masochist and just couldn’t resist adding more to my already overflowing plate 😪. Though I must say this hybrid kitty is making it worth it 😚. #catlady #porcelainsoldiers #suitecharlie #wip

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This face reminds me of Mulan for some reason? And now I want to watch Mulan… And I think I shall 👍 #mulan #suitecharlie #random

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