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Here’s the short video shot by Rebekah Lee for my show promo! SUPER embarrassing but oh wells!

My solo show “Porcelain Soldiers” will be up at Compound gallery in Portland. OR until September 28th :)

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The awesome @ruhbekahlee shot a short video for my show! Links to come😁 . thanks again laydee for making me look slightly less awkward hahaha 😘❤️❤️#porcelainsoldiers #suitecharlie

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"Chinadoll"  From my solo show "Porcelain Soldiers" at Compound gallery.

24x30” mixed media on wood (resined) 

Available for purchase here

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Thanks to @portlandmercury , @mgeorgetta and @scrappers for using my art for the cover!! SOOO awesome! #portlandmercury #pdx #suitecharlie #chinadoll now to get my hand on some of these bebe’s 😏

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Congratulations! On your show, I mean. Really beautiful work. :) Looking forward to seeing where you take it next.

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Thanks!! Same here :3

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So I’m back in vancity taking a breather after an awesome week in #pdx . Thank you so much for everyone that came out on opening night. After the months of stress and worry and pressure this made it all worth it! The show will be up for the rest of the month and I will be posting images from the show and pieces on my website/ blog later this week. If your interested in purchasing anything all the work is up on the compound website (link in my profile) As I’ve said many many times before I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!❤️❤️❤️ #porcelainsoldiers #suitecharlie

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So happy I got a second to sneak out of my show to see this beauty in person. @leetlewolf work is sooo fantastic! There are still a few pieces up @helliongallery I would definitely recommend you check them out if you have the chance!! (Great meeting you by the way!)

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Cropped picture of “Mothers Milk” 18x24” oils acrylics and washi paper on wood. Come to Compound Gallery tonight at 7pm to check this and others out!!

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Install day 1 @compound_art (don’t forget it’s THIS Thursday friends!!!😳) So stoked to be back in Portland!! Any suggestions for must see’s/do’s/ eats while I’m here?? #porcelainsoldiers #suitecharlie #pdx

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PORCELAIN SOLDIERS this coming Thursday @compound_art . Let’s make it a party Portland!! #suitecharlie #porcelainsoldiers #compoundgallery #pdx (song is rip tide by Beirut)

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Throwback to this oldie but goodie “Id” that’s coming with me to Portland! The show is a week from today at compound gallery on September 4th. Spread the word!! #compoundgallery #suitecharlie #porcelainsoldiers #id #throwbackthursday

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Things are getting messy with this sick-boi 😈. Just doing last minute things in preparation for the show! #porcelainsoldiers September 4th @compound_art in Portland, hope to see you there!! #suitecharlie #compoundgallery #pdx

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Drawring chilluns’ because chilluns’ have taken over the house👭 #wip #porcelainsoldiers #suitecharlie t minus 2 weeks til the show!!! 😤👍

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My new toy in action 😍 #blowtorch #resin #porcelainsoldiers #suitecharlie

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